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DaYang Parking Co.,Ltd., the leading manufacturer of mechanical parking systems, was established in 2001. Thousands of different types of parking systems have been done and . The registered capital is CNY96 million, total asset over CNY900 million. Total area covers 186 thousand sqm; No.  1 Sales amount from 2013 and the largest parking systems manufacturer in China.  

Main products: Vertical-Horizontal PSH(2-14), Vertical-Horizontal PSH(-1+2), Back Cantilever PSH2, Pit-lifting PSH3(PJS3), Easy Parking PJS, Vertical Lifting Parking (Tower Parking), Car Elevator, Car Turning Plate, Plane Moving, Stacker Parking, Comb exchange hydraulic puzzle parking system, drawer parking tower, rotary parking system, etc. Our products have advantages of varied types, reliable safety, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, less land coverage, high rate of land usage, convenient installation, low consumption and low noisy. Our parking systems adapt different sites conditions.


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