Product Name: Two Post Parking Lift 2300kg

Model: D2P23




This parking lift is designed with two spaces of up and down as one unit. The bottom car can go in and out directly. When the upper space needs to park a car, the car in the bottom should be driven out;


It can be widely used in hotels, enterprises and public institutions and residential area. Column can be N+1 form, saving land area, full use of space, property rights;



1. First safety control with protective devices

    1) Anti-dropping device: to prevent the vehicle loading pallet from undesired disconnection.

    2) Limited switch device to protect the equipment running.

    3) Photoelectric switch (device for checking the entrance of people and vehicles) to prevent the people from accidentally entering into the equipment under operation.

    4) Emergency switch: the emergency switch button is used to cut power off when there is anything abnormal during the equipment process.

2. Oil cylinder

Used cylinder reversal, have many advantages, not distortion, dustproof. Adopt Italy Aston Seal ring.

3. Adjusting lifting height, the maximum lifting height can be 1800mm for small SUV.

4. Lifting capacity can be 2300kgs;

5. Hydraulic drive, chain balancing device to ensure the balance both ends of rise and fall;

6. Low noise, smooth operation, save energy, low carbon and environmental protection;

7. Vehicle loading pallet fully enclosed design, to avoid oil leakage, rain and snow polluting the lower vehicles;

8. Structure all adopts layer cutting, attractive appearance, easy installation, less malfunctions, easy maintenance.

9. Plastic spraying high quality coating, high anti-corrosion ability, long life. Electrical and driving parts with waterproof characteristics;

10. Simple structure, easy installation, minimal requirements for civil engineering;

11. Certifications: CE






Name Two Post Car Parking Lift
Model D2P23
Dimension 4100*2565*3000mm
Weight of parking car 2300kg
Rated speed 2m/min
Lifting height 2000mm
Total height 3010mm
Size of vehicle loading pallet 3948*2100mm
Motor 2.2kw
Warming devices Yes
Mode of operate Button
Mode of control Manual
Mode of drive Hydraulic driving, chain balance
Electrics motor 220v single phase 50HZ
Package size 3800*950*920mm
weight 1000kgs
20’ container 11 sets
40’ container 22 sets






Steel structure

Stand column


Side beam


Sliding table


Waved plate





Power unit

2.2kw/220v, 1P, 50hz

Hydraulic oil cylinder

Two-stage intelligent inverted oil cylinder

Hydraulic tubing

Outer diameter 14mm / Inner diameter 6mm



Direct current transformer




Control button


Travel switch


Photoelectric switch



Coating: Silver Plastic Spray