Pit Lift Parking 1 car in the pit 1 car on the ground PSH(-1+1)


Work PrincThis system is designed with 2 levels, one in the pit, one on the ground. The ground car can not lift up because of a limited height parking area. It can only slide left and right to spare  a space for the pit car lifting up. The ground car can go directly in and out, the pit car can lift up to the ground level when the ground car slide for a spare space. It has a big pallet covering the top pit area. The pallet is 150mm higher than the land level, it has a 1500mm slopping way for the car parking, and it has a tight cover with the ground frame against water into the pit. It is designed with water drainage system, maintenance entrance with ladders.


The top car pallet can be planted with grass and flowers to keep a wonderful environmental requirements.


Similarly, we can design and make PSH(-1+1), PSH(-2+1), PSH(-3+1)  instead of PJS(-1+1), PJS(-2+1) and PJS(-3+1).




It saves the land area and takes full use of the underground area. It can be designed with neighbored multi-sets layout to raise the parking numbers of cars. The middle and bottom cars may have advantages of anti-dust, anti-rain, anti-theft. It is safe and reliable and easy in operation.


Low area coverage and high usage rate of space; The levels and columns will be added to raise the number of cars according to the customer's requirements; It may be designed with full-closed style to adjust the surrounding environment; It operates steadily without noise and with fast operating speed and short parking and releasing time; Multi-ways of safety protection and series of safety protection devices for anti-dropping, anti-crashing and anti-overloading.




Technical Parameters


Mode of drive



Size of car (L×W×H)


Weight of car


Lifting motor power



Lifting speed



Sliding motor power



AC380V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

Safeguard devices

Hydraulic whole protection and anti-fall frame

Anti-fall frame (our patent)

Warning devices

Sound, light, electricity

Malfunction indication

Fault diagnosis by computer, liquid crystal display

Frame composition

Columns and beams are made of H type steel, Channel steel, angle steel and square pipes;

Parts appearance treatment

Galvanized treatment and high-grade anti-corrosion painting

Modes of operation

IC card reading / Manual button with keyboard



Way of parking in and out

Forwarding, reversing into the space


Sample Drawings of Design


PJS(-1+1)-6D PJS(-1+1)-12D
PSH(-1+1)11D PJS(-1+1)SUV