Stacker Parking

Double-side Stacker Parking

Double-side Stacker Parking
Single-side Stacker Parking
Stacker Parking System


Work Principle


        Stacker Parking system use stacker which moves either horizontally or vertically in order to convey cars automatically to the parking space and then use storing and colleting system to park cars. It is the new direction in parking system development.

        The parking system is composed of stacker and pallet. The car is loaded onto the pallet of the stacker. The stacker is moved horizontally and vertically to the desirable location. The pallet and the vehicle will be unloaded together. The whole process is simple and the taking-out is just repeating the above operations reversely.



  • Moving both horizontally and vertically, improving parking speed.

  • Parking space is made of concrete slab or steel work, guaranteed structure-security of underground space.

  • Easy maintenance, convenient management 

  • Free use of underground space, can offer large scale of parking space. 

  • Using computer to make general management, monitor all-sided system movement, easy operation.
    Main structure

  • Steel structure (concrete structure)

  • Lifting and landing system

  • Convey system

  • Turning system 

  • Carry system

  • Control system 

  • Safe-guard system

Technical  Parameters