High Speed High Levels Hydraulic Puzzle Parking System 15 Levels

Model: PSH15



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Work Principle

This system is designed with 15 layers and 3 columns layout.  Total 30 spaces with a car going tunnel way in the middle. Car parking in the left and right side by sliding to the middle tunnel and lift up and down through this tunnel. The moving speed can reach 28m/min.  When a space needs to park or release a car, the space will slide to the tunnel way. In this case, the car will go up and down freely.



Special Characteristics and Advantages

  • lift speed:28m/min, 5 times faster than similar.

  • Layers: 15, highest layers from other companies of similar type is only.

  • Hydraulic drive mode, creator and leader of PSH parking.

  • Saving energy. Electricity consumption is only 50% of tower parking.

  • Low cost, saving 40% investment compared with tower parking

  • High usage of land area. It can park 30 cars in 3 car spaces area.

  • Low area coverage and high usage rate of space.


Main Structure

  • Steel structure

  • Car Pallet

  • Lifting system

  • Sliding system

  • Hydraulic system

  • PLC control system 

  • Safe-guard system

  • Screen Supervision System




Technical Parameters

Type of parking PSH15-High Level High Speed Hydraulic Drive Puzzle Parking System
Maximum Car Sizes 5000mm×2100mm×1600mm (first layer height 2050mm)
Maximum loading weight 2000kg
Lift Structure pump motor power 15kw
lift speed 18-38m/min
Slide Structure slide motor power 0.2kw
slide speed 7.2m/min
Power 3 phases 5 wires system 380V 50HZ
Safety Protection Deives Fixed anti-fall frame
Warning Device Yes
Malfunction Warning Yes
Frame Composition Pillar: H type steel, Chanel steel, Angle steel
Car carrying slide style Integral and mixed
Operating Mode Digital button/ non touching recognizing card
Manual operation Yes
Noises 50 dB max
Controller PLC
Parking and Retrieving style forwarding to the parking space


Sample Drawings of Design