Car Elevator

Car Elevator

Car Elevator

Car Elevator

Car Elevator

Work Principle


Car elevator is used to carry the cars in and out of the garage. Generally, it is widely used near large buildings with underground garages. Its vertical lifting characteristics can save a lot of area of the slopping way. It has special economic benefits to the less land area basement.




It replaces the passage way of parking in and out to save a lot of land area. Its loading capacity and operating style may be designed according actual requirements. It saves energy without hydraulic drive when it falls. The power sources may be installed conveniently at top or bottom of the system. It is safe and reliable to adopt devices of anti-dropping ladder with damping spring combination. PLC control keeps a fast and convenient maintenance. The elevator style manual operation panel is used to guarantee beautiful and durable.


Technical Parameters


Size of car (L×W×H)


Weight of car


Number of cars


Mode of operation


Power system

Motor power


Lifting speed


Safeguard device

Whole hydraulic protection

Warning devices

Sound, light, electricity

Frame composition

Columns and beams are made of H type steel, Channel steel, angle steel and square pipes;


AC380V,50Hz, 3 phases 5 wires system

Modes of operation

button/ IC card